Are You Creating Too Many Social Profiles?

If you listen to the latest buzz about which social networks are the best ones to be using, you or your small business would have nearly 100 social profiles on everything from Facebook to Squidoo!

too manys social profilesI have trouble managing to add some interesting content on the ones I do use and often run out of time to update the other ones. Or maybe the real issue is that I am too lazy to check my monster spreadsheet where I store all of my social network account information to see which of the other profiles I could update.

The question I often hear from small business owners is “How do I manage all of my accounts?” Continue reading

5 Reasons Why “Doing What You Love” Can Change Your Life

<div class=\"postavatar\">5 Reasons Why "Doing What You Love" Can Change Your Life</div>

Everybody wants to have an optimized life. In fact, there are hundreds of books, seminars, and trainings devoted to this topic.  Nevertheless, there is actually one simple thing you can do to optimize your life: do what you love.

Sounds simple, right? Yet doing what you love can really maximize many aspects of your life. A lot of good things will naturally happen in your career, family, and relationship.

How can that be? Here are five reasons why doing what you love can optimize your life:

  1. You will enjoy your time
    Since you are doing what you love, you won’t feel burdened doing it. You will have fun and happy time. You will be happier than before. This thing alone is a great reward of doing what you love. Who doesn’t want to have a joyful day?
  2. You will work more effectively
    Sincestreaming you enjoy your time doing your works, naturally you will devote more time and energy into it. There is no such thing as “lazy” or “not in a good mood of doing it”. As such, you will accomplish more and become more productive.
  3. You will produce higher-quality work
    Not just the quantity is higher, the quality will also be higher. Again, because you really like it, you will pour more of your time and energy into it. That allows you to think more about your works, thinking about how to make them better and better. As a result, the quality of your works will be improved.
  4. Your work will have touches of passion
    This the the key difference between good work and great work.  Everyone can tell the difference, and you can too. Works which are done with passion not only have higher-quality, but also have emotional value attached to them.  The work is filled with the passion of the creator and that energy is present in the work.
  5. You will have a fulfilling life This is probably the most important reason of all. When you follow your heart, you can create a fulfilling life. You follow what your heart tells you, and you follow your purpose. That’s how you have a fulfilling life.

In my humble opinion, following your heart and your passion is what life is all about.

Be well,


What does it take to be to be successful?

I’ve been thinking alot about success recently and reading lots of books on the topic as well as books about leadership, creating teams, following/listening my inner wisdom, internet marketing, and what it means to be a great and successful business. I’ll post some thoughts about these books in the next few weeks.

I’m currently reading about Servant Leadership – and loving it! It seems as though things are changing in our business world from top down to bottom up type leadership. At least there are case studies of organizations out there that are working to apply these concepts in their organizations. I’m encouraged!

The latest trends in marketing are also about grass roots, bottom up, “power to the people” type thinking. So how do we become successful in this environment? I think it’s all about authenticity – and much more of course, but that is one of the pillars to the foundation of success.