Are You on Linkedin?

LinkedIn is the best online business networking tool out there
It’s time to get connected if you aren’t already!

Get the Most Out of Your Business Networking !

So you’re ready to start networking on LinkedIn. You want to convert those contacts to leads and partnerships.

What’s the best way to do it?

Follow these guidelines to build your best marketing page.  And remember, be authentic!

LinkedIn is your online resume. It’s the spot for potential employers/clients to find out more about you.

Fill out your profile completely (including a professional photo) and keep it updated. (The more complete the better – LinkedIn profiles add to your overall SEO power.) Don’t forget to ‘tag’ your profile with the appropriate keywords, as it will help others find you.

* Add LinkedIn to your email signature. This encourages everyone you come in contact with to view your LindedIn profile.

*Import your existing contacts. This couldn’t be easier. Just let LinkedIn import your contacts. Once that’s done, customize a list of connections.

*Get connected with everyone you meet professionally. This is a cornerstone of relationship building. That company might not look like a client today, but could be a perfect fit tomorrow. And they have lots of connections.

*Do not invite people you don’t know, have never met or corresponded with. LinkedIn keeps an eye on how many people mark you as “don’t know” after you end a request. Remember, by connecting you are associating yourself with this person and their reputation – be sure you want to. (Same goes for accepting invitations from other.)
Some final thoughts:

*Reciprocate recommendations. If someone takes the time to write one for you, do the same for them. It’s just good etiquette.

*Request introductions. Don’t hesitate to ask a connection to introduce you to a new connection. All they can say is no. And they rarely ever do.

LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine when it comes to building your business online. There are a wealth of contacts that can help take your business to the next level, and also help you penetrate the target market of your choice.

And there you go! Some quick and easy tips to help you get more out of your LinkedIn profile
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