5 Things to Know about Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

It seems like every day we wake up, Facebook has implemented a new policy or added a new dimension overnight. Facebook is truly turning into the ultimate powerhouse.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has even revealed plans for Facebook to hit 1 billion users by targeting countries where Facebook isn’t yet as infiltrated – countries such as Korea, Russia, and Vietnam.

With more users, more features, comes greater opportunity to leverage Facebook for marketing purposes. Here are the top five things you need to know about Facebook marketing.

1) Facebook Fan Page Admin Rule – Previously, if you created a Fan Page using your profile (you have to have a profile to create a page), you were the default Admin – forever. You could add more administrators, but you couldn’t disconnect the page from your profile. Now, it doesn’t matter who creates the page. You can hand it over to anyone at anytime. This is great news if you had an intern or an ex-employee create the page. They can hand it over to anyone at any time. The downside? Just because you are a creator of the page doesn’t mean you can’t be booted. Key Lesson: Think before you add an administrator.

2) Facebook eCommerce – While Facebook still isn’t the ideal tool for direct sales, it may get there yet. Have a fan page? Sell products or services? Sell from the Fan page directly. Services like Payvment are making that possible – currently for FREE. Key Lesson: Start thinking about Facebook as more than just a relationship building tool. Think Facebook eCommerce.

3) Facebook Currency – It is only a matter of time before Facebook introduces their digital currency. Think of this as a premonition of what’s to come. Doing business globally will be easier than ever with Facebook Bucks/Dinero/Yen. Key Lesson: Think globally.

4) Facebooks Ads – The most exciting frontier yet! Facebook Ads remind me of Google Adwords in the early days. While Google is all about people searching for what they want and need, Facebook is about people searching for who they are. Identity scholars – get ready for some mind blowing research opportunities. Businesses – start thinking beyond regular search. Key Lesson: Get to know your target market better than the back of your own hand.

5) Greater Facebook Integration – Want to automatically follow your Facebook friends on Twitter? There is an App for that! In fact, there may be an app for almost everything. Look for greater Facebook integration across the web. Key Lesson: Continue to make Facebook a key part of your marketing – online and offline.

If you would like help with your Facebook Marketing, please contact me and we can create a strategy specific to your needs.

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