MMS Marketing – Mobile Marketing is Growing!

<div class=\"postavatar\">MMS Marketing - Mobile Marketing is Growing!</div>

You are going to hear a lot more about Mobile Marketing this next year as mobile marketing is the fastest growing online marketing trend.

MMS Marketing is the method of sending a picture over a mobile device. There are so many possibilities here…

You’re a Clothing company: Send a picture of your latest fashions
How about pictures of your coolest shoes
Photos of your tricked out vehicle with all the extras installed
How about the cover of your new book
Before and after photos from your weight loss program
A fancy looking business quote to get your clients thinking and pondering
Sample wedding photos to show examples of what you can do

If you do start to use MMS Marketing, make sure you have a clear call to action or link embedded so your customers know what to do with your ad. “Call me” or “Click here” are direct calls to action.

MMS Marketing is a relatively low cost and high impact method and there will be many people taking advantage of this trend. Make sure you keep your mind open to how this can help your business.

Is Advertising on Facebook Really Effective?

<div class=\"postavatar\">Is Advertising on Facebook Really Effective?</div>

The folks at eMarketer have predicted a 39% increase in advertising spend on Facebook for 2010. They are basing this on the notion that social sites like Facebook have a great deal of information about their users and this can be used to deliver hightly targeted ads to its huge user base.

So if they have so much information about me, why then, am I seeing so many inane and irrelevant ads all of the time? Typically the ads on the right have no relation to the content of the fan pages that I am visiting. How is that delivering a targeted ad?

In my humble opinion, it would be much better if advertisers in similar or related categories could market to the same audience, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case on Facebook. Therefore, I tend to think that Facebook ads are just like all of the other interruption based marketing tactics, and not all that effective. On some level, this seems like old school marketing on a new technology platform. How about you? Have you tried advertising on Facebook? What has been your experience?

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Time Spent on Social Media Sites is up 82%

<div class=\"postavatar\">Time Spent on Social Media Sites is up 82% </div>

According to a study by The Neilsen Company, consumers spent 5.5 hours on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in December 2009. Just three years ago, the average consumer spent 3.

Key points from the study –

– The most popular online categories, in order of popularity, are: Social networks, blogs, online games, instant messaging.

– Growth from Facebook (200%) and Twitter (368%) trumped overall social networking growth.

– Time spent on social media sites by an average US consumer went up 143% in a year.

– US has the largest population of social media users (142.1 million), followed by Japan (46.6 million).

The Gary & Catherine Show on the Powerful Fun Podcasts

<div class=\"postavatar\">The Gary & Catherine Show on the Powerful Fun Podcasts</div>

My dear friend & business partner Gary Smith & I have been podcasting for a few months on the Gary & Catherine Show. On each show I have been talking about social media and this one I talk about mobile marketing. If you would like a few laughs and a bit about technology – give this a listen!

You can hear all of our podcasts at

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