5 Things Entrepreneurs & Brands should be doing on Facebook

Here are 5 things that Businesses should think about when creating a business Facebook page.

1. Have a Purpose – What is your purpose for being on Facebook? Are you looking for employees? Are you trying to attract more clients? Are you looking for more visibility for your business? Know why you are there!

2. Manage Profiles & Pages – People have profiles on facebook and businesses have pages. Keep your profile updated and add lots of helpful, interesting, and important content to your business page.

3. Engage your Community – Make sure the content on your Facebook business page is interactive! Ask questions and start discussions. This way fans will know that you are available to interact with.

4. Everything is Public – What ever you put on your page is for public consumption! Nothing is private so be careful to only put on your page content that which is appropriate for a stranger!

5. Create a Social Media company policy – This is key if multiple people will be representing your company and creating content for your business facebook page.

Something to avoid? Do not jump into using facebook without a purpose! Have a strategy, an idea about why you have created a business page. If you need help creating a strategy or want to find out if having a facebook page is a good tool for your business, please contact me.